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Dr Valerio BORZATTA (retired industrial R&D manager)

Know­how: Chemical additives for plastics (particularly photostabilizing additives and antioxidants), homogeneous and heterogeneous chemo­, regio­ and enantio­selective catalysis (cyclopropanation, hydrogenation, oxidation), formulations of
active ingredients, technical support and contacts for regional, national and international funding applications.










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Prof. Riccardo LEARDI (Professor at the Department of
Pharmacy of the School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
of the University of Genoa)

Skills: Chemometrics, classification and regression (applied especially to food, environmental and clinical data), experimental design, process optimization, multivariate process monitoring and quality control. He developed a general purpose chemometrical software and other softwares for specific applications. He takes frequently courses and talks in several industries and research centers in Italy and in other countries.

He was an editor of the book "Comprehensive Chemometrics: Chemical and Biochemical Data Analysis" (Section for the "Optimization"), Editor of Journal of Chemometrics, Editorial Adviser of Analytica Chimica Acta and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Iranian Chemical Research.