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PROJECT PHASES (some general rules)

PHASE III: Project Performance

SCSOP carries out the project either alone or with the help of its co-workers team to reach the target.

Depending on the case, reporting is done at negotiated intervals. A final report is prepared and the product of the project (sample, ideas, analysis..) is given to the customer upon receipt of the last payment; including royalties or premium, if any.

Unless otherwise established, the product is the property of the customer.

PHASE II: Project set-up

SCSOP makes a free of charge preliminary survey on the topic in question and presents a planning proposal.

The customer approves the different stages to be carried out.
A written contract clarifying the project aims, the target results, the scheduled time, the rights and duties of both partners is then drawn up.

Payment conditions are then established; usually a part of the total amount is paid within 30 days from the beginning of the project.

PHASE I: Negotiations

At the first meeting with a new customer, the customer needs and the SCSOP contracts and obligations are appraised and if necessary, a non-disclosure agreement is drawn up and signed by both partners. Download: "n.d. agreement.pdf"
Negotiations are then continued to elucidate the customer’s problem/request in order to define the extent and depth of the service desired, for evaluating time and cost.Intellectual property rights arising during the project are also laid out in negotiations.

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