Pluriannual experience in Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical area

Field of expertise:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemo-Regio- and Enantio-selective Catalysis

Stereotechnologies (Resolutions, Chiral Pool, Chiral Bio- and Chemo-Catalysts)

In-depth Literature and Data Bank Survey and Economic evaluations

Controlled release formulation

On the basis of mutual respect, confidentiality and reliance SCSOP, over its years of activity, has also developed numerous and fruitful contracts and co-operations with a network of leading academic research groups in Milan, Bologna, Venice, Pisa and Sassari, with Italian and foreign production laboratories and with other clever partners having specific know-how, thus further broadening the areas of expertise and services offered to customers.

If and wherever necessary, SCSOP uses this co-workers team but warrants personally to the customer the quality of service and the compliance to schedules and secrecy agreement.

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